Thursday, July 29, 2010

You dog, you.

Hello hello,

I haven't blogged in awhile, and since I am leaving for the beach tomorrow, I won't be able to until Sunday night. I went over to my lovely sister's house on Tuesday night. I love going over there. We just sat around for the most part. We watched some t.v. and I tried to catch up on some Glee. That is now one of my favorite shows, very entertaining. When Sis and Josh went to bed I decided to watch "Remember Me" for the first time EVER. I absolutely adore Robert Pattinson, so of course I would love it. I bawled my eyes out. Like even after the movie was over I was still very very upset with the ending. You would never expect it! I advise that anyone who watches this movie should carry a box of Kleenex with them. I stayed up until 5am that night and woke up around 12 the next day. Not too shabby I guess. Then it was Wednesday. We had pretty much the same routine. I was expecting to go home, but it turned out that I was going to church with my sister tonight. Now there is a story behind all of this, I used to go there when I was really young. My mom and I left when I was about 7 and now we have like this awkward fued with some people their. Weird. I'm not really involved with it though. Anyways, Weston is a boy there that was my child hood best friend. Like we had sleep overs, all the stuff best friends do. We haven't talked in like 6 years though! Josh thought it would be a great idea to try and hook us up. Weston is a year and a half younger than I am. wah wah wahh. Haha, that didn't stop Josh though. Throughout the whole service he was trying to convince Weston to ask me for my number. UGH. By the end of the night we never exchanged numbers. Mission failed Joshua, mission failed. So that was wednesday night. We all came home and watched the new episode of SYTYCD. My favorite talent show. I love Kent. He is my absolute favorite. I'm trying to convince my parents to let me go to their Tour in August. If I do, I could meet Kent, then he would realize he was in love with me and we would have a happily ever after. HA . So I wish. Anyways, while dreaming about Kent, my sister mentions to say "Weston's personality is almost exactly the same as Kent's Kelsey..." Of course you would, sis. So I came home today after an adventure to IKEA. My favorite home store. I want so much from there. I'm attempting to make a collage of art peices on my empty wall across from my bed in my room. So far I have zero paintings. Fail. I did recieve something from UPS today though..MY NEW CAMERA! Ah she's a beaut. It's like ruby red and all shiny. I love anything shiny. I am now about to shower ( I had to wash my filthy dogs and ended up with mud and water all over myself ) then head over to that wonderful cousin of mine's house. Morgan. Hope you all have a fan-friggin-tastic rest of the week and weekend!

Love love love,


  1. i LOVED remember me.. it was a good movie.. u r right about the ending tho it was sad and unexpected!!

  2. Gosh I know. I kind of like crying during moves though! Haha.