Friday, July 23, 2010

Screw Up

That's me right about now. Sitting here balling my eyes out. I can't do anything right obviously. I had something that no one my age has at my church. Love. Right in front of me, throwing all the cards to me, and what did I do? Ignore it. The love was continuos, for 12 years. Do you understand me? 12. It was broken up a lot, I did it the last time. Broke up that is. I thought I could just find myself, that's it. When the truth is, I listened to everyone else and not my own self. And now the love is gone. Lost intrest in me because I rejected it. Moving on, and the love has never moved away from me. I've apologized and been forgiven by all but myself. I can't handle myself right now. I guess I should to, move on. I can't. I've tried and failed, another stupid reaon why the love shouldn't have been messed with. If you can't leave someone alone, or they never leave your mind, why should you mess with that? Don't ever mess with that, listen to your heart and not others. I think this is the worst night of my life. Ever. I know I'm only 15 but I've never felt this way before. I just wanted you to know that everything I do I give my heart and soul from now on, I can't bare to feel this way ever again.

We were made for eachother.

Goodnight Bloggers,
Kelsey .

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