Monday, July 12, 2010

The Dog Days Are Over

It's pretty official that I'm in love with Cake Boss.
End of story.

Anyways, today was rather dull. Nothing extrodinary. Mom woke me up around 11 to be with the dogs while she was at work. Side note;; I really want to see Charlie St.Cloud, I just saw the commercial. Zac Efron is such a hunk. Back to what I was saying, mom went to work leaving me at home by myself. I don't mind staying home by myself, but there was one slight difference today than there normally is. A tornado warning. I absolutely hate thunderstorms, and to have a tornado around while I was home alone? Oh no way. I immediately went into a state of shock. I mean, full on hyperventalating. Too no suprise, there was no tornado. Thank God. That was basically the only thing different about my day.

-Have a good night my loves,


  1. I'm glad you are safe! Haha. I was out shopping with my mom in the torrential rain. She made me DRIVE! Plus, love that song. Now totally stuck in my head.

  2. Haha yeah! And if you've read the blog above, it happened again! And I was OUTSIDE! Ahhhh. Scary. And I would've been like "Alright mom, let's look at the facts of me driving during a tornado warning..." Haha. I know that is a great song, it's on so many commercials now and I've known it foreverrr. Man I hate when that happens!