Monday, July 26, 2010


_I can't stand them. I was enjoying my incredible stalking abilities on Facebook tonight, when a random boy started chatting with me. He was my friend on facebook, so I figured, okay let's interrogate. I asked him if he went to my school, he said yes. Then he asked me what grade I was in. I told him I was in 11th and he said he was a Senior. Okay, this guy seems normal. Or so I thought. I was trying to start a conversation so I asked him what his classes were for next year. He then randomly pops out the question "do you want to switch pictures?" Wiggy wiggy whaaaa?! I asked him "what..? If I'm friends with you on facebook can't you just see my albums" He replies with "I mean sexy ones.." hecckkkk nah brahhh!!! I said "Sorry, I don't do that kind of stuff, is that the only reason you talked to me? To ask for pictures?" He replied with "Oh okay, and no, I just thought I'd ask" Just thought he'd ask?! What kind of nerve. Oh my lanta the pervs in this world. Why can't a guys just want to talk to me to get to know me? Gahhh. All the while though, I was laughing so hard. I couldn't even take the conversation seriously! Was it really happening to me? Haha. Crazy night.

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