Tuesday, July 20, 2010

And all that I know is that I'll be around

Boys confuse the living crap out of me. Maybe I just confuse them? I mean, me and Kelsi were talking the other day and she said that I never try to get attention from guys. This is a good thing. I want a boy to come to me, not throw myself at them. I mean sure there's a difference between just being friendly, but I want a guy to come to me ya know? I always hear people tell me "you're beautiful and your perfect guy will come!" Well I honestly think mine got hit by a van. And also, he doesn't have to be perfect or whatever. Just to be there, for me, that's all. Why in the world does every other girl have a boyfriend, or at least a crush. I just want to feel something. A spark of difference, a glimmer of love. Just to prove to myself that there isn't something totally wrong with me. Gahhh. I know it sounds selfish or like I'm trying to throw a pity party, but you understand right? Every girl wants to feel..wanted. Or needed. I see couples blossom into beautiful people together, why not me, do I not deserve someone right now? Why not?

Any advice?

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  1. OMG, I feel the EXACT same! Like I dont want to throw myself at someone but I would also like to AT LEAST have a crush on someone. But I havnt had a crush on someone in ages. But yeah my advice is to wait. It'll pay off eventualy =]