Thursday, July 8, 2010

Well that'd be somethin' turrable.

Today is Thursday ladies and gents, and do you know what that means? Colorguard! I've been negecting my flag this week due to lack of sleep. I felt bad so I took her out for a few whirl arounds yesterday. Right now we only have pracitice flags, which no offense, are crap. Half of them are ripped, but it's alright. You deal with what you're given and you'll like it. I can't wait for uniforms, they are being customized just for us. How groovy. I really am finding a comfort in this hobby. Something I'm not horrible at, yes. You see, usually I'm very uncoordinated, don't get me wrong I still am, but I just feel more graceful when doing colorguard. Like, not out of place or anything. Sure sure, there are your typical arrogant freshmen in the guard, but you learn to get by. Tracy (our instructor) always reminds us to work as a team. If we don't, everything will fall to bits. Now how tragic would that be? I've yet to have a single issue with anyone in the guard, and plan to keep it that way. I see myself really enjoying doing this. I only wish that I would've started in my freshman year and not my junior. Oh well, there's always Reynolda. A professional spin clinic in Winston Salem. I think? Anyways, I can do that if I really want to after high school. I can even do it while I'm in high school. But I don't think dad would drive me two hours away for colorguard. Haha.

Besides the fact that I have practice today, I am very much looking forward to tomorrow at 6:30. My church youth group is going to Tami Bassette's house for slip-n-sliding, fourwheeling, a bonfire, and a heck of a time. How exciting right? I love youth activities, they're just lovely.


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