Friday, July 23, 2010

We Look In the Face of Chance and Say "Suck It"

So today was our lovely youth event at Morrow Mountain State Park. Well me and Morgan decided to stay up in until 5am last night, still knowing that we had to wake up at 8 to get ready. It was not a good morning for me, let's just leave it at that! Anyways, we got to the church at about 10 'til nine, nobody was there. Of course. Soon people started coming in, the group was small but very fun. It was me,morgan,j'waye,tina,trey,johnny,cierra,caitlyn,kristen,todd,and leslie. A pretty fun crew I must say. We left at about 9:30 and headed to McDonalds, everyone was hungry. As Trey headed into the van after we got gas, he banged his head on the frame of the door. Haha, we all laughed, but then I felt bad. I got a smoothie [mixed berry of course] and morgan bought some hashbrowns. We left and headed to Morrow Mt. To our suprise, the canoes rentals were closed. That was the ONLY THING TO DO THERE. Apparantly, the boat dock got detached and is now floating somewhere over the lake. Fantastic. We decided to take a "hiking trip" around the park which was fun I must admit. Even though we were all bumbarded with cob-webs, we made the best of it. Oh and by the way, it was 108 degrees out today. Trey and Johnny found a gigantic beetle and tried to through it on Caitlyn, the poor girl fell straight back onto her bum trying to escape. I laughed so hard, but the we all helped her get up and brush off. We survived the woods and actually spotted three dear in the woods near the parking lot. Super cute. I told everyone that I was actually Edward Cullen and I was about to charge it for supper. Oh Twilight, you have enveloped my mind. Before we left we road all the way to the top of the mountain for the view. It was breathtaking. Todd decided to mess with us by trying to pull away before we all got in the van. Trey started freaking out, as did we all, and started yelling "Oh no, fag, fag, fag ,fag!" Haha, great right? As I tried to hop in, karma kicked me in the butt and I bumped my head the same exact way Trey did earlier when I laughed. So we loaded back up on the bus in dissapointment, but were headed to Frank Lisk Park instead, where there were paddle boats and put-put. We ate out sandwiches which I loved, and then ran to the swings. They were so hot that they burned out bums! It was quite painful. Me, Tina, Cierra, and J'waye all got way to hot to handle, so we ran to the soccor feild only to find the refreshing sprinklers running! Calling our names. We took off our shoes and became quite spontaneous, running through the water ways like children playing in a school yard. I loved it. And it was very refreshing. After that we all had like adrenaline rushes. I felt like I could do anything. It was like one of those movie scenes you see, absolutely careless and free. Beautiful. After that it became a water war, water bottles were being filled and dumped every second. We all left wet. Then we went to the Cabarrus Creamery, yummm. Morgan and I split a cookies & cream cup. Delicious. Oh, and a glass bottled Sun Drop, my favorite. After that we went to Morris & Music, I think that's what it was called. A guitar shop, they were all so beautiful. Then we all dropped a dollar each into the homeless people playing songs on the street, It felt so good to see the smiles it put on their faces. And then Todd whipped out his harmonica out of nowhere to join along with them. Lovely. We finally headed back to the church to play in the youth room. J'waye and I played a intense game of Air Hockey were we both now have bruises from getting to into it. Haha. Then Todd taught me some cool stuff on the piano, he said that I have lots potential. That made my night. So as you can see, a very fun filled say for the New Life Youth Group. Allthough things didn't all work in our favor, we made the best of it and the time spent with eachother.