Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I love arm circles.

Arm circles I adore, and when I get tired..I do one million more.

Oh, that is the sound of the ages from band camp 2010. My first day was yesterday, not too shabby. Then again it was cloudy, the sun wasn't out, and it was only 80. Arriving today at 8am however, was not the same way. 83 already, and the sun was blazzing. We spent our time outside from 8am until 12pm. We polished our marching, and even learned how to spin and march. At 11 we went up to the shade, thank God, and went over how to read drill. It's not as bad as I thought it was going to be, but it's still kind of confusing. I'll get the hang of it. We finally got a lunch break at 12. In the cafeteria, it was nice and freezing. Just the way I love it. We stayed inside for our break. Some of the girls from guard decided to play Mao. It's so much fun. Then we had "Mandatory Fun Time" can't you tell how thrilling that is? We played "Marching band Jeoporady" My team lost, but we had a lot of fun just finding the answers and joking around. Then we went to sections. Guard went to the Gym, where it was nice and cool. We stayed in there until 4. Then it was time to go back outside for Drill ! How exciting. Incase you don't know what drill is, it's all of the steps that we perform in the show at half time. It wouldn't be too bad minus the 90 degree weather and going over the same thing 40 thousand times. It's going to be a long camp. At 6 we finally got to go home, ah it was relaxing. Too bad I can't move. Ha. It will be worth it though, I just know it.


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