Friday, July 9, 2010

Bonfires and leetle shweaters on a summer night.

Tonight was an absolute blast in my opinion. It was our youth activity at Tami Bassette's house. We left from the church at exactly 6:30pm. All the kiddies on the bus were J'waye, Me, Johnny, Mitch, L'Tina, Cierra, and Michael. It was a fun ride, we all sang little bus songs. It was enjoyable, a nice start to the night I'd say. We arrived at around 7 o'clock. Ready to party. To bad it didn't turn out that way at first. It was actually quite boring. We were all just sitting around. Real upsetting. We had all brought specific clothes to wear for getting wet since there was a slip-n-slide. But we didn't know that there was a kiddie pool set up for Scott & Tami's nephew. Well, Brianna and Jwaye decided to shove me in it while going to get a drink. Thankfully Brianna fell in to so I didn't have to get her back myself. Score. We were absolutely drenched. Like it honestly looked like I just walked 10 miles in a terenchal downpoor. Lovely. I only had my bathing suit, a t-shirt, and bum skirt to change into. So I just left my wet clothes on since we would be getting wet again we thought. Before we ate, we all gathered around the tables to play a rousing game of SPOONS! I love it. It's so intense. Of course Kelsi and I were the first two to get tossed out. Man oh man. After the games, we ate hotdogs and hamburgers. Kelsi and I discovered that we are even more alike after assembling our hamburgers in the exact same order, with the exact same things on it. Haha, it's so weird but I love her. After eating it started to lightening. It was scary, but not scary enough to stop us from slip-n-sliding! Well, everyone else did minus me and a few others. I had changed into my lovely basketball shorts by now, hoping to stay a bit dryer than before. It worked thank goodness. But in the process or watching everyone else slide to their deaths, I got multiple frogs thrown on me. I will never look at toads the same way again. The slip-n-slide was over so we all huddled into the building for games again. I played "catch phrase" with Brittanie, Andy, Tammy, Cierra, Tina, Jwaye, and Dilon. It was crazy intense. Others were playing spoons again. It was loud all over the place. We finally settled down and went back to the bus to head home. We arrived back at the church at 11:30 where my father was waiting for me. I said my goodbyes. It was sort of sad because my two best friends, Kelsi and Kenzie or course (: , were leaving for Ohio tomorrow. They won't be back for two weeks, Boo. I will miss you guys dearly.

That's all for my blogging tonight, sorry for the lack of pictures. My camera "Big Red", as Kelsi dubbed it, is now broken. So there won't be many pictures until I find a new replacement camera. Sad.
Have a lovely Saturday,

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