Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tornado Of Death

So today is Tuesday, which means that I had lovely colorguard. Samantha and Bethany asked me to come early, they'd both had missed two weeks of practice, so I was going to help them. Well Dad had dropped me off and I met up with the two girls. A few minutes before I left, my aunt marie told me that there was a tornado warning. Well there was one yesterday too and it didn't happen. I ignored the suggestion of any tornado until I saw the rapid lightening going on around us. We soon became very scared, since the doors to the band room were locked. Greatttt. Also the fantastic janitors wouldn't let us in the main building. Obviously we were going to steal something in the school? Stupid people. Luckily Samantha had driven her mom's mini van there, so we all ran for cover in there. In the middle of the school parking lot, with the junk car metal fence right beside us, and lightening surrounding all of us. It was very scary. Not to mentipon that there was a legit funnel cloud forming beside the school. Oh boy. Thank goodness it went away though, that would have been very, very bad. Little by little people started showing up, but not Mr.Bogan, the only person with a key. Nice. Sooner or later he showed up, we ran to the building since we were all carrying metal flags and rifles. Once we all got inside we got Samantha and I became very hungry, our choice? Run to chik-fi-a before practice officially started! Our plan failed because of some idiots who like to go like 40 in a 55. Hated that. We got back to find everyone sitting on the ground for roll call, Tracy said that it was nice to have us back;;we were in trouble. Not really though, she just said to notify her and not leave after 6 because she was resposible for us. No big deal. Either way we had a blast. Literally, counting that the thunder was very loud. We are currently planning to go to What-A-Burger after practice on Thursday, Samantha & myself. I just love her.

Goodnight Bloggers,

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