Monday, July 5, 2010

"I'm just a rebel, that's all" (:

So the past two days have been the best for me all summer. They were epic to the absolute max.
Sunday started off with me waking up to a missed call from Kenzie Faith. I listened to her voicemail which told me that she and Kelsi (her sister) where having a few people over for fireworks at the park after night service at church. I was easily excited because who doesn't love fireworks on the 4th of July?! Anywho, I asked my madre who simply told me "we're going to your sister's after church in the morning, we won't be there that night" I thought, okay this is no big deal, we could meet afterwards or something. The day progressed slowly as I anticipated the night service. I countinually begged my mom to take me to the fireworks show to meet Kenzie, well she denied. Kenzie and I were devastated and were determined to find a way to get to eachother. Her parents volunteered to come and pick me up from my sister's house before church that night, what saints. I love them. Anyways, mom said "no, I don't want them being responsible for getting you, I'll feel bad" We then got into an argument, so I just texted Kenzie on my sister's phone to tell her the address. This probably was not the smartest thing to do. Mom said "You better tell them not to come." I simply replied with a "Well....they'll be here in twenty minutes." She was holding the baby at the time and told me "Kelsey Rae, you better be glad I'm holding this baby!" Hahaha, she was ticked, but it would be totally worth it. I left my sister's house laughing with the girls (kelsi and kenzie, that's what I call them by) about how my mom was mad. We made our way to the church to pick up out other passengers; Caitlyn Crazy Girl Hanna, Morgan Ya Momma Fries, Taylor Babe-in-a-suit Sapp, Jerey Get Money Covington, Ciara Sit Yo Butt Down Burrino (sorry if that's not your last name ciara! :/ ), and Makayla Make Ya Love Her Lemelin. Haha, thosse were all cheesy nick names. We were going to the fireworks show at Harrisburg Family Park, little did we know how crowded it was. We changed our minds about going because Brother Carson claimed that we could easily see them from the pool at their neighborhood. This seemed to be a perfect opportunity for NIGHT SWIMMING! The pool was closed and it was not allowed for us to go in, luckily we had a key and decided to rebel anyways. Yes, I was so excited, everyone was actually. We got there safe and sound, and jumped right in. The water was B-E-A-UTIFUL. We started to play fun little pool games, swimming back and forth, but still being precautious about cars going buy. There were midnight watchers out there. The adventure continued until we realized that a creepy van was circling the pool. Sssssscarey! We were all pretty freaked, so our bold adventure lasted all around 10 minutes. Way to go us. Haha. We were walking back to the house when this creepy guy smoking a cigarrette was walking his dog. It wasn't on a leash. Morgan and Kenzie decided to race when the dog got excited and attacked them! No on was harmed, but all of us were shaking like little leaves. When we finally go back we decided to do a celebrity look-a-like contest. Well not really a contest, it was just for funzies. Everyone was really into it as we took a plethora of pictures. Loved it. We ate some pizza and s'mores. They were delish. Then we all settled down at around 4am to watch Twilight....until 6am which is when we all crashed. The next day we all woke up at around 11. Suprisingly not too tired. We went to the pool again to tan. It was a beautiful day, and nobody was there at all! Vacant, just as we like it. We all played chicken, shark in the water, did handstands, pulled people in, made Jerey put a plastic bag over her head (haha) and had lots of fun. Of course, I would be the only one who didn't get any sun! Gosh, I just can't win with the sun ! We then traveled back to the house to watch New Moon. Loved it again, it's so good. Then we all got ready for the highlight of the sleepover...ECLIPSE! Ahh, nobody understood how stoked I was. Honestly, like making little excited noises the whole way there. I rode with Jerey in "Baby" Her car. It has no air, which blew. But it was a fun ride there. We stopped at the gas station where we both got huge drinks! I choose the 44oz. as Jerey got the whopping 64oz drink! HUGE! It was crazy, but worth it. We got to the movie super stoked of course. I was expecting to get my ticked for $5, since it was the weekday. Wrong. The lady told me that it was still a 'holiday.' I've never heard such bull crap from anyone else in my life. Seriosuly, July 4th was YESTERDAY! Some people man, some people. The movie was waaaayyyy worth the $10 though, I suggest it to the world. I ended the night by getting a lovely cinnabon, thanks to my dearest cousin. I love love loved this weekend. I would do it all over again! Oh how I love my friends.

Sadly there are no pictures, they're all on Kenzie's camera and computer. Boo.

Until next blog,
Kelsey (: