Thursday, July 29, 2010

You dog, you.

Hello hello,

I haven't blogged in awhile, and since I am leaving for the beach tomorrow, I won't be able to until Sunday night. I went over to my lovely sister's house on Tuesday night. I love going over there. We just sat around for the most part. We watched some t.v. and I tried to catch up on some Glee. That is now one of my favorite shows, very entertaining. When Sis and Josh went to bed I decided to watch "Remember Me" for the first time EVER. I absolutely adore Robert Pattinson, so of course I would love it. I bawled my eyes out. Like even after the movie was over I was still very very upset with the ending. You would never expect it! I advise that anyone who watches this movie should carry a box of Kleenex with them. I stayed up until 5am that night and woke up around 12 the next day. Not too shabby I guess. Then it was Wednesday. We had pretty much the same routine. I was expecting to go home, but it turned out that I was going to church with my sister tonight. Now there is a story behind all of this, I used to go there when I was really young. My mom and I left when I was about 7 and now we have like this awkward fued with some people their. Weird. I'm not really involved with it though. Anyways, Weston is a boy there that was my child hood best friend. Like we had sleep overs, all the stuff best friends do. We haven't talked in like 6 years though! Josh thought it would be a great idea to try and hook us up. Weston is a year and a half younger than I am. wah wah wahh. Haha, that didn't stop Josh though. Throughout the whole service he was trying to convince Weston to ask me for my number. UGH. By the end of the night we never exchanged numbers. Mission failed Joshua, mission failed. So that was wednesday night. We all came home and watched the new episode of SYTYCD. My favorite talent show. I love Kent. He is my absolute favorite. I'm trying to convince my parents to let me go to their Tour in August. If I do, I could meet Kent, then he would realize he was in love with me and we would have a happily ever after. HA . So I wish. Anyways, while dreaming about Kent, my sister mentions to say "Weston's personality is almost exactly the same as Kent's Kelsey..." Of course you would, sis. So I came home today after an adventure to IKEA. My favorite home store. I want so much from there. I'm attempting to make a collage of art peices on my empty wall across from my bed in my room. So far I have zero paintings. Fail. I did recieve something from UPS today though..MY NEW CAMERA! Ah she's a beaut. It's like ruby red and all shiny. I love anything shiny. I am now about to shower ( I had to wash my filthy dogs and ended up with mud and water all over myself ) then head over to that wonderful cousin of mine's house. Morgan. Hope you all have a fan-friggin-tastic rest of the week and weekend!

Love love love,

Monday, July 26, 2010


_I can't stand them. I was enjoying my incredible stalking abilities on Facebook tonight, when a random boy started chatting with me. He was my friend on facebook, so I figured, okay let's interrogate. I asked him if he went to my school, he said yes. Then he asked me what grade I was in. I told him I was in 11th and he said he was a Senior. Okay, this guy seems normal. Or so I thought. I was trying to start a conversation so I asked him what his classes were for next year. He then randomly pops out the question "do you want to switch pictures?" Wiggy wiggy whaaaa?! I asked him "what..? If I'm friends with you on facebook can't you just see my albums" He replies with "I mean sexy ones.." hecckkkk nah brahhh!!! I said "Sorry, I don't do that kind of stuff, is that the only reason you talked to me? To ask for pictures?" He replied with "Oh okay, and no, I just thought I'd ask" Just thought he'd ask?! What kind of nerve. Oh my lanta the pervs in this world. Why can't a guys just want to talk to me to get to know me? Gahhh. All the while though, I was laughing so hard. I couldn't even take the conversation seriously! Was it really happening to me? Haha. Crazy night.


Life comes with no guarantees, no time outs, no secod chances. You just have to live it to the fullest. Laugh as much as you can, spend all your money, tell someone what they mean to you, tell someone off, speak out, dance in the pouring rain, hold someone's hand, comfort a friend, pig out, fall asleep watching the sun come up, stay up late, be a flirt, smile until your face hurts. Don't be afraid to take chances, or fall in love. And most of all, live in the moment, 'cause when you look back someday knowing you have no regrets, it's going to be what makes you smile.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Screw Up

That's me right about now. Sitting here balling my eyes out. I can't do anything right obviously. I had something that no one my age has at my church. Love. Right in front of me, throwing all the cards to me, and what did I do? Ignore it. The love was continuos, for 12 years. Do you understand me? 12. It was broken up a lot, I did it the last time. Broke up that is. I thought I could just find myself, that's it. When the truth is, I listened to everyone else and not my own self. And now the love is gone. Lost intrest in me because I rejected it. Moving on, and the love has never moved away from me. I've apologized and been forgiven by all but myself. I can't handle myself right now. I guess I should to, move on. I can't. I've tried and failed, another stupid reaon why the love shouldn't have been messed with. If you can't leave someone alone, or they never leave your mind, why should you mess with that? Don't ever mess with that, listen to your heart and not others. I think this is the worst night of my life. Ever. I know I'm only 15 but I've never felt this way before. I just wanted you to know that everything I do I give my heart and soul from now on, I can't bare to feel this way ever again.

We were made for eachother.

Goodnight Bloggers,
Kelsey .

We Look In the Face of Chance and Say "Suck It"

So today was our lovely youth event at Morrow Mountain State Park. Well me and Morgan decided to stay up in until 5am last night, still knowing that we had to wake up at 8 to get ready. It was not a good morning for me, let's just leave it at that! Anyways, we got to the church at about 10 'til nine, nobody was there. Of course. Soon people started coming in, the group was small but very fun. It was me,morgan,j'waye,tina,trey,johnny,cierra,caitlyn,kristen,todd,and leslie. A pretty fun crew I must say. We left at about 9:30 and headed to McDonalds, everyone was hungry. As Trey headed into the van after we got gas, he banged his head on the frame of the door. Haha, we all laughed, but then I felt bad. I got a smoothie [mixed berry of course] and morgan bought some hashbrowns. We left and headed to Morrow Mt. To our suprise, the canoes rentals were closed. That was the ONLY THING TO DO THERE. Apparantly, the boat dock got detached and is now floating somewhere over the lake. Fantastic. We decided to take a "hiking trip" around the park which was fun I must admit. Even though we were all bumbarded with cob-webs, we made the best of it. Oh and by the way, it was 108 degrees out today. Trey and Johnny found a gigantic beetle and tried to through it on Caitlyn, the poor girl fell straight back onto her bum trying to escape. I laughed so hard, but the we all helped her get up and brush off. We survived the woods and actually spotted three dear in the woods near the parking lot. Super cute. I told everyone that I was actually Edward Cullen and I was about to charge it for supper. Oh Twilight, you have enveloped my mind. Before we left we road all the way to the top of the mountain for the view. It was breathtaking. Todd decided to mess with us by trying to pull away before we all got in the van. Trey started freaking out, as did we all, and started yelling "Oh no, fag, fag, fag ,fag!" Haha, great right? As I tried to hop in, karma kicked me in the butt and I bumped my head the same exact way Trey did earlier when I laughed. So we loaded back up on the bus in dissapointment, but were headed to Frank Lisk Park instead, where there were paddle boats and put-put. We ate out sandwiches which I loved, and then ran to the swings. They were so hot that they burned out bums! It was quite painful. Me, Tina, Cierra, and J'waye all got way to hot to handle, so we ran to the soccor feild only to find the refreshing sprinklers running! Calling our names. We took off our shoes and became quite spontaneous, running through the water ways like children playing in a school yard. I loved it. And it was very refreshing. After that we all had like adrenaline rushes. I felt like I could do anything. It was like one of those movie scenes you see, absolutely careless and free. Beautiful. After that it became a water war, water bottles were being filled and dumped every second. We all left wet. Then we went to the Cabarrus Creamery, yummm. Morgan and I split a cookies & cream cup. Delicious. Oh, and a glass bottled Sun Drop, my favorite. After that we went to Morris & Music, I think that's what it was called. A guitar shop, they were all so beautiful. Then we all dropped a dollar each into the homeless people playing songs on the street, It felt so good to see the smiles it put on their faces. And then Todd whipped out his harmonica out of nowhere to join along with them. Lovely. We finally headed back to the church to play in the youth room. J'waye and I played a intense game of Air Hockey were we both now have bruises from getting to into it. Haha. Then Todd taught me some cool stuff on the piano, he said that I have lots potential. That made my night. So as you can see, a very fun filled say for the New Life Youth Group. Allthough things didn't all work in our favor, we made the best of it and the time spent with eachother.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

And all that I know is that I'll be around

Boys confuse the living crap out of me. Maybe I just confuse them? I mean, me and Kelsi were talking the other day and she said that I never try to get attention from guys. This is a good thing. I want a boy to come to me, not throw myself at them. I mean sure there's a difference between just being friendly, but I want a guy to come to me ya know? I always hear people tell me "you're beautiful and your perfect guy will come!" Well I honestly think mine got hit by a van. And also, he doesn't have to be perfect or whatever. Just to be there, for me, that's all. Why in the world does every other girl have a boyfriend, or at least a crush. I just want to feel something. A spark of difference, a glimmer of love. Just to prove to myself that there isn't something totally wrong with me. Gahhh. I know it sounds selfish or like I'm trying to throw a pity party, but you understand right? Every girl wants to feel..wanted. Or needed. I see couples blossom into beautiful people together, why not me, do I not deserve someone right now? Why not?

Any advice?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Jar of Hearts

This song is absolutely beautiful in my opinion. I found it on SYTYCD. It made me cry when I saw it performed with the dance. Christina Perri, kudus to you for writing this song.
Look it up (:
No I can’t take one more step towards you
Cause all that’s waiting is regret
And don’t you know I’m not your ghost anymore
You lost the love I loved the most
I learned to live half alive
And now you want me one more time
And who do you think you are? Running around leaving scars, collecting your jar of hearts.
And tearing love apart. You’re gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul
So don’t come back for me, Who do you think you are?
I hear you're asking all around if I am anywhere to be found.
But I have grown too strong to ever fall back in your arms
I learned to live half alive, and now you want me one more time?
And who do you think you are? Running around leaving scars, collecting your jar of hearts.
And tearing love apart. You’re gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul.
So don’t come back for me, who do you think you are?
And it took so long just to feel alright
Remember how to put back the light in my eyes? I wish I would have missed the first time that we kissed. Cause you broke all your promises and now your back.
You don’t get to get me back
And who do you think you are? Running around leaving scars, collecting your jar of hearts.
And tearing love apart. You’re gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul.
Don’t come back for me; Don’t come back at all.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Waka waka waka

I've been saying that all day while moving my hands abrubtly around my head. Crazy? Maybe.

So today's festivities consisted of Church, then Cheddars, then Church again, then home. It sounds like a pretty boring day when actually today turned out to be most fantastical. -Don't you like using made up words? I do. Church for me today was very pleasant. I mean, it is every service but today was especially good. I don't really know why. I just enjoyed it. Last night Andy and I were talking about going to eat, so we went through with the plan and went with Brianna and Trey to Cheddars. There were adults there too, but that's not important. Brianna and I shared the New Orleans Pasta. It was really good. I don't really like spicy cajan food, but this was really good! It had all sorts of goodies in it, shrimp, chicken, sausage, and pene pasta with cheese. Yummy. The only downside of this was that the waitress for our side of the section was claimed to be "busy" so while everyone else was ordering their food, we were just ordering our drinks. Lovely service. Oh well though, I had a good time. We all went back to the church and slept in the lounge. Me and Brianna shared a couch so that Brother Hunt could have one to himself. It was quite the luxury to be honest. I woke up around 4:30 and went upstairs to check out the scene. Nothing was going on so I went back downstairs to sleep for about 30 more minutes. It was a nice little nap. I never take naps, I used to think they were for babies when I was younger, but now I thrive for any ounce of sleep I can get. Oh how the times have changed. I woke up again to go upstairs and find a message title for AV. That's the screens that we run on the moniters during church. A very important job. Kristen and myself are over it. I love doing it. The message for tonight was "Influencers" a very powerful message if I do say so myself. We need to be careful of who we let influence us in the world. It can turn out to be very ugly if you don't. It took me forever to find a good picture for the backround, but it ended up looking pretty cool. Welp that's about all that happened in the life of Kelsey today. Thanks for reading!


Friday, July 16, 2010


Honestly, I don't even know how to comprehend what's going through my mind right now. I hate it. So much that no one even knows. I hate the fact that I feel like my family is disfunctional, I hate the fact that I feel like I don't belong anywhere, I hate the fact that I can't do anything without some sort of issue, I hate that I can't even talk to my parents without getting the blame game thrown at me, I hate that I'm using the word 'hate' so much right now, I hate that church isn't a place of comfort anymore, I hate that there's drama everywhere I look, I hate that I can't escape old feelings or that I can't start new ones, I hate that I can't trust myself with information, I hate that I can't change peoples minds like they can change mine, I hate that I'm not in control of my life, I hate that I am utterly selfish at times and don't care, I hate that I always cry, I hate that I can't tell who my true friends are, and I hate that I feel like this.
End of story.

People say that "You build up walls to see who cares enough to tear them down" Well the way I see it, your walls can only go down but so low.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just for funzies.

So I found these hilarious pictures recently, and decided to make a little story line with them. So her goes nothing.

Timmy the squirrel is a very shy little squirrel.

He goes to work collecting nuts for the winter every day from 9-5. Yes, Timmy is a very hard working squirrel but for some reason work did not satisfy him. You see, he's had this crush on another squirrel. Her name is Bonita. Bonita is currently seeing another squirrel, Buck, for 5 years now. She doesn't seem very happy in Timmy's eyes, so he suddenly came up with a plan.

He thought up this plan while dreaming about super man. You see, superman was Timmy's favorite super hero. He loved how he was an average joe until there was trouble in the city. He also loved how he impressed Lois Lane. What else would the plan be than to change into..SUPER SQUIRREL !
He simply would find someway for Bonita to be the damsel in distress, and he would save her. Therefore impressing her so much, that she would dump Buck and go for Timmy. This plan was working out brilliantly until the time came for changing into his costume. The zipper got stuck. Oh boy.

To make matters worse, Bonita was walking around the corner to walk into the "trap" set up for her to fall in. Crap crap crap. Timmy was on the edge. Bonita missed the spot to fall, thank Goodness. But she also saw Timmy, trying to unzip into his Super Squirrely costume. Poor Timmy turned bright red. Bonita was shocked, but found it to be quite charming for Timmy to go to the lengths he did to impress her. That night Bonita asked Timmy to join her for a Acorn Cocktail after work, he accepted. They lived happily ever after. Yaaaayyyy.
Haha, so that was really bad, but hopefully the pictures made it funnier than my crappy writing. Oh well. Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tornado Of Death

So today is Tuesday, which means that I had lovely colorguard. Samantha and Bethany asked me to come early, they'd both had missed two weeks of practice, so I was going to help them. Well Dad had dropped me off and I met up with the two girls. A few minutes before I left, my aunt marie told me that there was a tornado warning. Well there was one yesterday too and it didn't happen. I ignored the suggestion of any tornado until I saw the rapid lightening going on around us. We soon became very scared, since the doors to the band room were locked. Greatttt. Also the fantastic janitors wouldn't let us in the main building. Obviously we were going to steal something in the school? Stupid people. Luckily Samantha had driven her mom's mini van there, so we all ran for cover in there. In the middle of the school parking lot, with the junk car metal fence right beside us, and lightening surrounding all of us. It was very scary. Not to mentipon that there was a legit funnel cloud forming beside the school. Oh boy. Thank goodness it went away though, that would have been very, very bad. Little by little people started showing up, but not Mr.Bogan, the only person with a key. Nice. Sooner or later he showed up, we ran to the building since we were all carrying metal flags and rifles. Once we all got inside we got Samantha and I became very hungry, our choice? Run to chik-fi-a before practice officially started! Our plan failed because of some idiots who like to go like 40 in a 55. Hated that. We got back to find everyone sitting on the ground for roll call, Tracy said that it was nice to have us back;;we were in trouble. Not really though, she just said to notify her and not leave after 6 because she was resposible for us. No big deal. Either way we had a blast. Literally, counting that the thunder was very loud. We are currently planning to go to What-A-Burger after practice on Thursday, Samantha & myself. I just love her.

Goodnight Bloggers,

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Dog Days Are Over

It's pretty official that I'm in love with Cake Boss.
End of story.

Anyways, today was rather dull. Nothing extrodinary. Mom woke me up around 11 to be with the dogs while she was at work. Side note;; I really want to see Charlie St.Cloud, I just saw the commercial. Zac Efron is such a hunk. Back to what I was saying, mom went to work leaving me at home by myself. I don't mind staying home by myself, but there was one slight difference today than there normally is. A tornado warning. I absolutely hate thunderstorms, and to have a tornado around while I was home alone? Oh no way. I immediately went into a state of shock. I mean, full on hyperventalating. Too no suprise, there was no tornado. Thank God. That was basically the only thing different about my day.

-Have a good night my loves,

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Today is Sunday, July 11, well almost the end of it. I started off by waking up at 8:25am. I slept pretty well for going to bed at 1am. I went downstairs to eat some cereal only to find that we had no milk. boo. I had Eggo Muffin Tops instead. They were quite appetizing. To be frank, I just did not have a good morning after that. I couldn't find anything to wear! I changed about ten times in about ten minutes. It was crazy. I ended up wearing a long grey dress. It was very comfy. I had some high black heels on with it so I wouldn't trip over the fabric. Apparantly they were very high, as Andy made a comment saying that it looked like I could "go on forever." Haha, I didn't take it personally. After church my mom, dad, and myself went to Carrabas. It was very good if I do say so myself. I got the chicken and spinach pollendina. It was kind of like manicotti with spinach,cheese, and bits of chicken. Muy bueno. We went home after that where I took a lovely 2 hour nap while letting my music play. It was really relazing, just what I needed. I woke up at around 3 and decided to curl my hair. It tooke about 2 hours. But hey, with hair as long as mine that's pretty good timing. Sadly it did not turned out as planned. I put it up in a curly bun instead, which in my opinion, turned out pretty cute. It also took me awhile to find a night outfit. I ended up with a black skirt, red tank top with black short sweater, and red and white Dorothy pumps. I guess a lot of people liked it because I got a bunch of comments. I even got hit on by the cashier at Food Lion. Lovely. He asked me what grade I was in and I told him 11th. He said he remembered that year, so I asked him if he was out of high school. He said he was a sophmore in college. I thought he was pretty cute, too bad I'm not a senior so it wouldn't have been so awkward. Haha. Brownie points as Samantha would say. Now I'm casually watching Phineas and Pherb while in my sweat pants and tank top. I love just being a bum sometimes.

Goodnight bloggers,

Friday, July 9, 2010

Bonfires and leetle shweaters on a summer night.

Tonight was an absolute blast in my opinion. It was our youth activity at Tami Bassette's house. We left from the church at exactly 6:30pm. All the kiddies on the bus were J'waye, Me, Johnny, Mitch, L'Tina, Cierra, and Michael. It was a fun ride, we all sang little bus songs. It was enjoyable, a nice start to the night I'd say. We arrived at around 7 o'clock. Ready to party. To bad it didn't turn out that way at first. It was actually quite boring. We were all just sitting around. Real upsetting. We had all brought specific clothes to wear for getting wet since there was a slip-n-slide. But we didn't know that there was a kiddie pool set up for Scott & Tami's nephew. Well, Brianna and Jwaye decided to shove me in it while going to get a drink. Thankfully Brianna fell in to so I didn't have to get her back myself. Score. We were absolutely drenched. Like it honestly looked like I just walked 10 miles in a terenchal downpoor. Lovely. I only had my bathing suit, a t-shirt, and bum skirt to change into. So I just left my wet clothes on since we would be getting wet again we thought. Before we ate, we all gathered around the tables to play a rousing game of SPOONS! I love it. It's so intense. Of course Kelsi and I were the first two to get tossed out. Man oh man. After the games, we ate hotdogs and hamburgers. Kelsi and I discovered that we are even more alike after assembling our hamburgers in the exact same order, with the exact same things on it. Haha, it's so weird but I love her. After eating it started to lightening. It was scary, but not scary enough to stop us from slip-n-sliding! Well, everyone else did minus me and a few others. I had changed into my lovely basketball shorts by now, hoping to stay a bit dryer than before. It worked thank goodness. But in the process or watching everyone else slide to their deaths, I got multiple frogs thrown on me. I will never look at toads the same way again. The slip-n-slide was over so we all huddled into the building for games again. I played "catch phrase" with Brittanie, Andy, Tammy, Cierra, Tina, Jwaye, and Dilon. It was crazy intense. Others were playing spoons again. It was loud all over the place. We finally settled down and went back to the bus to head home. We arrived back at the church at 11:30 where my father was waiting for me. I said my goodbyes. It was sort of sad because my two best friends, Kelsi and Kenzie or course (: , were leaving for Ohio tomorrow. They won't be back for two weeks, Boo. I will miss you guys dearly.

That's all for my blogging tonight, sorry for the lack of pictures. My camera "Big Red", as Kelsi dubbed it, is now broken. So there won't be many pictures until I find a new replacement camera. Sad.
Have a lovely Saturday,

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Well that'd be somethin' turrable.

Today is Thursday ladies and gents, and do you know what that means? Colorguard! I've been negecting my flag this week due to lack of sleep. I felt bad so I took her out for a few whirl arounds yesterday. Right now we only have pracitice flags, which no offense, are crap. Half of them are ripped, but it's alright. You deal with what you're given and you'll like it. I can't wait for uniforms, they are being customized just for us. How groovy. I really am finding a comfort in this hobby. Something I'm not horrible at, yes. You see, usually I'm very uncoordinated, don't get me wrong I still am, but I just feel more graceful when doing colorguard. Like, not out of place or anything. Sure sure, there are your typical arrogant freshmen in the guard, but you learn to get by. Tracy (our instructor) always reminds us to work as a team. If we don't, everything will fall to bits. Now how tragic would that be? I've yet to have a single issue with anyone in the guard, and plan to keep it that way. I see myself really enjoying doing this. I only wish that I would've started in my freshman year and not my junior. Oh well, there's always Reynolda. A professional spin clinic in Winston Salem. I think? Anyways, I can do that if I really want to after high school. I can even do it while I'm in high school. But I don't think dad would drive me two hours away for colorguard. Haha.

Besides the fact that I have practice today, I am very much looking forward to tomorrow at 6:30. My church youth group is going to Tami Bassette's house for slip-n-sliding, fourwheeling, a bonfire, and a heck of a time. How exciting right? I love youth activities, they're just lovely.


Monday, July 5, 2010

"I'm just a rebel, that's all" (:

So the past two days have been the best for me all summer. They were epic to the absolute max.
Sunday started off with me waking up to a missed call from Kenzie Faith. I listened to her voicemail which told me that she and Kelsi (her sister) where having a few people over for fireworks at the park after night service at church. I was easily excited because who doesn't love fireworks on the 4th of July?! Anywho, I asked my madre who simply told me "we're going to your sister's after church in the morning, we won't be there that night" I thought, okay this is no big deal, we could meet afterwards or something. The day progressed slowly as I anticipated the night service. I countinually begged my mom to take me to the fireworks show to meet Kenzie, well she denied. Kenzie and I were devastated and were determined to find a way to get to eachother. Her parents volunteered to come and pick me up from my sister's house before church that night, what saints. I love them. Anyways, mom said "no, I don't want them being responsible for getting you, I'll feel bad" We then got into an argument, so I just texted Kenzie on my sister's phone to tell her the address. This probably was not the smartest thing to do. Mom said "You better tell them not to come." I simply replied with a "Well....they'll be here in twenty minutes." She was holding the baby at the time and told me "Kelsey Rae, you better be glad I'm holding this baby!" Hahaha, she was ticked, but it would be totally worth it. I left my sister's house laughing with the girls (kelsi and kenzie, that's what I call them by) about how my mom was mad. We made our way to the church to pick up out other passengers; Caitlyn Crazy Girl Hanna, Morgan Ya Momma Fries, Taylor Babe-in-a-suit Sapp, Jerey Get Money Covington, Ciara Sit Yo Butt Down Burrino (sorry if that's not your last name ciara! :/ ), and Makayla Make Ya Love Her Lemelin. Haha, thosse were all cheesy nick names. We were going to the fireworks show at Harrisburg Family Park, little did we know how crowded it was. We changed our minds about going because Brother Carson claimed that we could easily see them from the pool at their neighborhood. This seemed to be a perfect opportunity for NIGHT SWIMMING! The pool was closed and it was not allowed for us to go in, luckily we had a key and decided to rebel anyways. Yes, I was so excited, everyone was actually. We got there safe and sound, and jumped right in. The water was B-E-A-UTIFUL. We started to play fun little pool games, swimming back and forth, but still being precautious about cars going buy. There were midnight watchers out there. The adventure continued until we realized that a creepy van was circling the pool. Sssssscarey! We were all pretty freaked, so our bold adventure lasted all around 10 minutes. Way to go us. Haha. We were walking back to the house when this creepy guy smoking a cigarrette was walking his dog. It wasn't on a leash. Morgan and Kenzie decided to race when the dog got excited and attacked them! No on was harmed, but all of us were shaking like little leaves. When we finally go back we decided to do a celebrity look-a-like contest. Well not really a contest, it was just for funzies. Everyone was really into it as we took a plethora of pictures. Loved it. We ate some pizza and s'mores. They were delish. Then we all settled down at around 4am to watch Twilight....until 6am which is when we all crashed. The next day we all woke up at around 11. Suprisingly not too tired. We went to the pool again to tan. It was a beautiful day, and nobody was there at all! Vacant, just as we like it. We all played chicken, shark in the water, did handstands, pulled people in, made Jerey put a plastic bag over her head (haha) and had lots of fun. Of course, I would be the only one who didn't get any sun! Gosh, I just can't win with the sun ! We then traveled back to the house to watch New Moon. Loved it again, it's so good. Then we all got ready for the highlight of the sleepover...ECLIPSE! Ahh, nobody understood how stoked I was. Honestly, like making little excited noises the whole way there. I rode with Jerey in "Baby" Her car. It has no air, which blew. But it was a fun ride there. We stopped at the gas station where we both got huge drinks! I choose the 44oz. as Jerey got the whopping 64oz drink! HUGE! It was crazy, but worth it. We got to the movie super stoked of course. I was expecting to get my ticked for $5, since it was the weekday. Wrong. The lady told me that it was still a 'holiday.' I've never heard such bull crap from anyone else in my life. Seriosuly, July 4th was YESTERDAY! Some people man, some people. The movie was waaaayyyy worth the $10 though, I suggest it to the world. I ended the night by getting a lovely cinnabon, thanks to my dearest cousin. I love love loved this weekend. I would do it all over again! Oh how I love my friends.

Sadly there are no pictures, they're all on Kenzie's camera and computer. Boo.

Until next blog,
Kelsey (:

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Quote of the Day: Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending. - Maria Robinson; this quote is what I will be living by for the rest of my life.

I hate to be a Negative Nancy, but today has not been the best. I mean, sure it's the night before the 4th of July, celebrating out independence through fireworks, burgers, and get togethers; but for some reason tonight, I'm just not myself. I feel like I'm kind of being ignored. I don't want to be the center of attention or anything, but it's sometimes nice to just be noticed. Little things have been getting to me lately. I've tried to talk sometimes, and the people I talk to just kind of carry on their own conversation, forgetting I even opened my mouth. Did I do something wrong? Surely I would know about it, but then again, maybe not. My mom always told me, and still does, that I open my mouth too much. I am aware of this problem. It's so hard though, to control your tongue. Life get's boring, and I guess it leads to me blabbing about stuff that is not important at all. I've tried to stop, and I think it's getting better. Obviously not so much to reduce the issue. Gosh, what is wrong with me? I used to be so...good. Everyone used to love me, when I walked into church or something I would always get a "Kelseyyyy!", or something along those lines. Now I barely get a "hello." That's all I want sometimes, I simple hello, just to tell me that I matter to someone. Life kind of sucks right now for me. I just need someone to talk to, anyone if they would be willing to listen. I mean, I have people that do, but they always end up telling me "Well yeah, the whole youth group is like that.." or "You just have to press through." I've been pressing through my whole life. I hate it when people compare me to others. Or relate me to another situation. I'm myself, with my own issues, and my own solutions (which I can't seem to find.) I need advice for ME. Or maybe just someone to listen. I read about people who have cried in others arms, it looks and sounds like it would be nice. Just to let go, completely. Or for someone to really care when they ask "is everything alright?" Like, not just saying it because they feel obligated to or something. I want someone to say "no something is the matter, tell me." whenever I say "oh it's nothing.." That would mean the world to me right about now. Not because I want to sound like a sob story or anything, just once again to feel cared for.
Please don't thing that I just "want attention" or something stupid like that, because I just needed to vent.