Monday, August 30, 2010

Tumblr Montage.

So, my wonderful cousin Morgan Fries told me about this site called Tumblr. Well, that was a very long while ago and I had forgotten about it until I read Miss. Kenzie's little blog with all the super cute pictures and I realized that as my cursor scanned over them it read "Tumblr" Mehh. I went to the website out of curiosity and now cannot stop copying pictures to my computer. It's a sad sad addiction I must say. I just wanted to share a few pictures with the world that I think everyone should see. Kenzie had this idea first, I am just hoping to broaden you lovely followers mind on photography. Enjoy. (:

Saturday, August 28, 2010

All I can do is keep breathing.

*It has come to my attention that as a frequent blogger I get around zero comments. It is very upsetting you know? Putting all this effort into speaking up about my feelings, how my day goes, so on and so forth. People ask me all the time "how was your day?" I tell them sometimes, but see I tell everyone exactly how my day went on here, and nobody comments. Thus, proving to myself that no one really cares about how my day went. I must be boring or something.
Moving on now.
*Youth Explosion is September 10th-11th, that's super exciting for me. I am inviting anyone and everyone who wants to come. I am praying for a giant revival. It's time for the new generation to take their stand in this crazy world. I've already got one girl coming, my good good friend Maddie. It makes like, my life when someone wants to come with me to church.
On to the next subject of matter
*Today I had a band practice from 9am-4pm. Guard just cleaned work the entire time, it felt really really good though. To feel confident in your work makes it so much easier to perform. *Speaking of performing, out first game with half time show was last night. I cannot even explain how absolutely wonderful it felt to march onto that field infront of hundreds of people, hearing your name being cheered, your friends with giant grins on their faces, finding your dad in the audience, and having nothing to lose but your mind in the madness going on around you. Trust I was extremely nervous before the game, but it all just seemed to dissapear. I think performing is amazing. That's just the end of the story.
*Hmmm tomorrow is church, that's always pleasant. I am planning on doing my hair in some glorious manner which I am yet to be aware of. We shall see how that goes. Mehhhhh.
*My mind is going crazy right now. I hate when that happens, like when you think of one thing and it just build and builds and builds.
*I think the human mind can hold more than any other thing on earth.
*I miss Tracy Mossholder. She is the only instructor that has managed to hold our guard together. And now she is gone. Great.
*I saw Chessa Metz the other day after school at the band room. I love that girl. We always find something to talk about wether it be Andrew Singleton taking her to prom, or my hair being used as an identification item if I were to be a mangled disaster in a school bus accident. That is why we have assigned seats, boys and girls.
*I am currently listenig to Megan Mccauley. She is a nice little addition to my grooveshark playlist. Some of her songs are like, violent though. Oh well, I'm sure I will have a day to listen to it when I am in full rage or something.
*I really don't listen to angry music. I mostly listen to slow soft music when I'm upset. It either calms me or over-calms me which causes me to go into a big ball of emotion. IE: Cry like a 4 year old who didn't get a toy in her Happy Meal.
*I don't really know why I'm using astriks. However you spell that. It's the
little * thing if you don't know the correct term.
*I need to pick an church for an outfit. I mean an outfit for church. -Yes, that tired.
*I am getting way to buff for my liking from guard. Like you know those neck muscles guys get? Well they do not look good on girls. I hope I do not get those They are more defined though, ugghhh. Go away, go away you ugly muscle!
* I feel like I should use the bold, italics, and fonts size changes on more of my words. Everytime I try it always looks bad though. I just like my blog to be simple I guess.
*So my sister warned me about an outbreak of bed bugs today in Charlotte. This is not lie children, bed bugs do indeed exsisit. Supposedly they like to hide in your sheets. So change them frequently. I'm guess like every week is good? I am not so sure though.
*Sorry for the rambling. But hey this is my blog and I will ramble if and whenever I desire!
*Kelsey will ramble on her blog if and only if others comment on it. -Haha, whipped out the old geometry talk.
*If you are still reading this then you're the bomb diggity. Just sayin.
*If you read half of this, gave up, then came back to it then you can just suck it.
*My mom told me to to say that because it doesn't sound very nice. I just cannot contain myself though. It's like my favorite saying ever. Is that so bad? (Okay, don't answer that)
*I extremely dislike the entire male population. Just throwin that out there.
*I'm going to go now.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Little ole me, a Junior (:

Today was my first day of Junior year. Only two more years of high school then I am doneee! My schedule is

1st. Medical Science 1 -Mrs. Wiggins. - I just love her.
2nd. Spanish III (yes III)- Mrs. McCrossen
3rd. Algebra II-Mrs. Bell (formerly miss. starnes. )
Third lunch w/ Ramsey, Leah, Samantha, Kiersten, Destiny, Haleigh, and Maddie.
4th-Honors English III-Mrs. Mckinney.

Here's how today went down;
6am, my alarm clock goes off. I thought last night that I would be excited like I normally am, but it was harder to wake up this time for some reason. I waltzed to my bathroom, thrilled by then, and did my hair. Just left it down today, nothing special. I wore a super cute outfit though, that I will also be wearing to church tonight
. This is a dreadful picture of me, but it's all for the outfit!
Floral sweater-$8 from Rue21, Tank: $12 from Kohls, Blue Cotton Skirt: $5 American Eagle. What a bargain! Anyways, for breakfast I ate a lovely blueberry muffin, my favorite of the muffin family. The giant yellow twinkie came and picked me up at 6:30. I hate that I still ride the bus. Here I am 16 years of age, with not even a permit. I could easily go get it if desired, but you see, I've failed the written test twice. Embarrassing, I know. This leads me to be kind of nervous to go again. But I must! I arrived at the school around 6:50. Meeting with Krysta, Sarah Ensley, and Samantha. Love them all. We walked around to veiw all of our classes just to get a jist of where everything was. Luckily I knew exactly where all my classes were. I have a very rowdy bunch of kiddos in my first period. All the popular girls, oh boy. None of them really like me, so that is going to be an experiance. Hopefully I can make amends with them and we can all become good friends-yeah right. Oh well, I love the class and I have a couple good friends in there. Leah, Sarah, Morgan, Lisa, and Destiny. Nice nice nice. Second period blew my mind. Mrs. McCrossen talks in spanish like the entire time. But you know the weird thing? I actually understand it! I find it absolutely amazing. I love speaking in Spanish, now I guess I know how mexicans feel. ( no offense towards mexicans, of course. ) Third period rolled around and I have it with Maddie, Haleigh, Samantha, and some other familiar faces. We had work to do like right off the bat! Thanks so much Algebra II. We had homework tonight and have a pop quiz tomorrow. Gee I love math. Lunch came around and some faggots threw gum at me, Ramsey, and Kiersten. And by gum I mean it was chewed. Hate high school cafeterias. We finished eating and went back for like 30 more minutes of hell with Mrs. Bell. Haha, that rhymed. Fourth period finally came and it was time for good old honors english III. Yippie! I actually don't mind English, minus all the writting. It gives my fingers calluses. They hurt. Mrs. Mckinney is a character; funny at most times, but when she isn't it's like talking with the undead. LIFELESS. Oh the many kinds of teachers at Northwest Cabarrus. Gotta love 'em. Well, most of them. After fourth finally ended we went back to the bus lot to head home. My ride is only about 30 minutes long. That's way longer than it was last year but shorter than it had been before. All in all I had a pretty fantastic day at school. Tomorrow will be a whole nother adventure, including Meet Me At The Poll in the AM, and ending with a three hour practice for band. How joyous. Until tomorrow my loves, oh and so sorry for the length of this blog.


Monday, August 23, 2010

And now it's time to leave and turn to dust.

what the world man? that's all i'm sayin; what the world? i have a feeling this is going to be a lengthy blog, so just a warning for those of you who do not like reading oodles of information. i'm not at all upset or in any kind of mood right now, just kind of mad at the world. i never did anything to it, why must it hate me? i do one thing right and BAMO something has to come in a ruin it. i am trying, however, to turn things around. make the best out of everything possible. i suppose that is the only way anyone can survive on this planet. maybe i should make some kind of list. like a bucket list. i don't want to do that though, say "ahh i am going to do all of these things before death" and blahblahblah, that is so...cliche. the last thing you would want to think about is death, right? hmph, i am stumped. i'm 16. two more years and wha-bam, i'll be an adult. wow. will i make a good adult? live the life planned for me by God? i can only hope i guess. i feel like i have so many....expectations put upon me. by my parents, elders, siblings, friends. they all say "ah you'll go far one day Kels." but will i? what if i don't? will they all be dissapointed? that's probably the worst thing i could ever hear, is that someone is dissapointed in me. my dad told me he was dissapointed in me once, i was in the 8th grade. i made a D in science class. sure, it sounds like it was minscule, but i wouldn't talk for like a week. if that t-niny little D made me feel that bad, what would it feel like for a bigger dissapointment? i don't think it would feel actually. if i dissapointed my parents or anyone for that matter that badly, i wouldn't even feel anymore. i'd be numb. i've been nagging about dissapointment in family and crap lately, but i jsut came to an even bigger realization. what if i dissapoint myself. i don't really think of myself often. even though my parents call me selfish, which i am at times. i don't think of what i want to do with my life, or what i should do with my life. i am kind of in a teenage slump. i wish i could just stay this way forever, or at least until i figured out everything. no rush, i could just grow up when i wanted to. i know it's like "oh you're only 16 sweetie, don't rush" believe me, i'm not the one rushing, it's life that's rushing. i'm a junior this year. dad is taking me to see colleges. COLLEGES. what? where did my life go for the past 15 years? i'm graduating in a year. only one year. jeez louise. on top of all this school stuff, i'm trying to find myself with God. what am i meant to do for his kingdom? what do i do when i can't feel him anymore? how do i get our connection back? has he forgotten about me because i've forgotten about him at times? i would understand if he did, but oh God I hope you haven't. i see people saying "oh i am just living life right now, i have no religious view" i respect them as a person, but how on earth can someone just not have a view on anything? if that person once had a relationship with the Lord and just left, how could they forget how wonderful he is to them? if they felt anything like i do, then how can one just leave that all behind them? why would they want to?

so. many. questions.


run and tell that.

I fell ever so awful for not blogging in so long. I beleive it's been about two weeks. Life just has been crazy for me, between guard, band camp, church, and sleep; man I'm getting lost! Anyways, school is starting Wednesday, that's always exciting. It's going to be my Junior year. I still haven't had the total shock effect weigh over yet.

For the past week I've been at my sister's house helping her watch my adorable nephew Cole Parker. I just love that little man. He even had his own little photo shoot.

Isn't he just adorable?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Haven't blogged in a good while. So here goes nothing.

Today was another glorious day of band camp. Yes, in fact, I do love practicing outside in 100 degree weather from 8am - 12 pm. That's what I would usually say after a long day at NCHS, buttttt today was different. I still enjoyed it, don't get me wrong, but Bogan had a change of plans. For the better of course. He said that it was supposed to be getting too hot for us to stay out today, so we go a little treat and went inside at 11 instead of 12. How lovely ! We stayed in for the reaminder of the day. Oh and we go free smoothies from Smoothie King! Strawberry Banana with protein. YUM O !

Oh random thought, but the song " 9 Crimes" Is officially the most beauiful thing I've ever heard go through my ears. It's by Damien Rice. The video is especially beauiful and made me cry.

It's kind of odd to look at and immediately get, so here's a little break down; it seems like the man cheated, so she left only half of a person, finding herself thinking about him even when he hurt her. When he realized he was wrong, he went searching for her, but he was afraid he'd loose her and he was afraid she'd "float away just like a balloon" (so to speak), but once he finally had her, an accident occured and he was shattered inside just like her head in the video.
Hope that helped you further enjoy the song!

Da da da da daaaa.

My parents are leaving for the beach tomorrow morning. WHOOPIE. I've decided to be a rebel and attempt to throw a party. Caitlyn Hanna is my assistant party planner. Let's see how this goes. Patty and Caitlyn are picking me up tomorrow - friday, para band camp. Exciting, I know. Oh and Rheena is making me brownies for my "birthday week" at camp :D Gotta love my guard members.

Have a fantastic night and even better tomorrow my followers!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

pish posh

1. It's been an extremely long week
2. I am in severe need of a shopping day.
3. Church is tomorrow, I haven't been in three services.
4. I wish my dad wasn't sick in the hospital.
5. My family doesn't support the thing that I love to do most.
6. My phone never rings anymore.
7. I absolutely love The Nanny
8. My Sweet 16 willl be spent at band camp next week.
9. Thursday to be exact.
10. My parents are leaving Tuesday and not coming back until Friday.
11. I'm thinking about throwing a party.
12. I want to attempt being a rebel.
13. Band Camp is suprisingly the best thing that's happened to me all summer.
14. Coffee is on my brain.
15. I beat Guitar Hero 5 today, it only took me three days. Beast.
16. I don't really know why I'm making a list.
17. I wish my hair was curly.
18. Life is dull right now.
19. I'm running out of things to list.
20. I need a life, now.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I love arm circles.

Arm circles I adore, and when I get tired..I do one million more.

Oh, that is the sound of the ages from band camp 2010. My first day was yesterday, not too shabby. Then again it was cloudy, the sun wasn't out, and it was only 80. Arriving today at 8am however, was not the same way. 83 already, and the sun was blazzing. We spent our time outside from 8am until 12pm. We polished our marching, and even learned how to spin and march. At 11 we went up to the shade, thank God, and went over how to read drill. It's not as bad as I thought it was going to be, but it's still kind of confusing. I'll get the hang of it. We finally got a lunch break at 12. In the cafeteria, it was nice and freezing. Just the way I love it. We stayed inside for our break. Some of the girls from guard decided to play Mao. It's so much fun. Then we had "Mandatory Fun Time" can't you tell how thrilling that is? We played "Marching band Jeoporady" My team lost, but we had a lot of fun just finding the answers and joking around. Then we went to sections. Guard went to the Gym, where it was nice and cool. We stayed in there until 4. Then it was time to go back outside for Drill ! How exciting. Incase you don't know what drill is, it's all of the steps that we perform in the show at half time. It wouldn't be too bad minus the 90 degree weather and going over the same thing 40 thousand times. It's going to be a long camp. At 6 we finally got to go home, ah it was relaxing. Too bad I can't move. Ha. It will be worth it though, I just know it.