Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Take a little piece of my heart now baby.

1. I like making lists, they are so much more convenient.
2. I ordered my class ring online tonight, yaaayyyy ( :
3. Tomorrow - Saturday I have guard practice until 6.
4. Oh and also church practice and services from 6-9.
5. Saturday the youth is going to the zoo, I probably will not be able to attend unless I catch Bogan in a wonderful mood Friday when I ask to leave early that day and not come the next. Ehhh.
6. I hate it when people bring eachother down.
7. Also not so fond of when people rag on your personal style. Hint hint, today at church.
8. However, I do love when people give you little life lessons such as, "When people tell you that you look ridiculous, they are just jealous. Don't give in to what they are telling you, that's all they want. They just wish they could look as cute as you." Things like that just make my heart smile.
9. I extremely dislike this headache action I'm feelin over here.
10. Oh and I am eating Jello like a champ right now. Orange and Cherry flavored might I add.

Goodnight Bloggers,

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