Tuesday, September 28, 2010

At long last, we meet.

Today was a great day. The weather was to die for and I didn't even mind band practice today! On top of it all, I went shopping at Marshalls. After a year long hunt for a button down jean skirt, we finally met. It was only 10 dollars! Ah, I love discount stores. To add to the excitement, I also found a cute flannel button up shirt! They just so happened to fit together in perfect harmony, so I will probably wear it to school & church tomorrow. The weather isn't supposed to get higher than 70, which is ideal for my little outfit.

I apologize for my monsterous hand!

With this shopping trip, I also found an adorable sweater. It is suuuuuper warm, which I love, and has a rhinestoned guitar on it. How rad? I feel like a rebel in this outfit. My hair teazed perfectly to play the complete role of a "rocker chick" and I loved it.

My fashion world is expanding quickly, and I think I might even be developing my own style; finally. Hope you enjoyed this blog you lovely followers!

-Always, Kelsey.