Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Seesters we are.

"Gosh we are too alike" -This is the famous quote repeated over and over again when I am with my two best friends, Kelsi Danae and Kenzie Faith Carson (: I love you guys to death, you have no idea. This idea sparked into my brain after receiving and reading you guys' wonderful birthday card to me. I almost cried because it made me so happy. I remember when we first met and was just reminiscing on how our friendship has grown. I just put together some pictures from over the years that I though you would enjoy looking at !

Apology for my dreadful looking hair, it had like 10 tons of hairspray. We were on the way back from our first Strong Tower togetherrr !
First out of many and many more to come, makeover/photo shoots.
Took this for me on her cruise, oh I love you too Kels (:

Our "sad faces"- taken by the lovely Dinah on the way to a youth conference...we got lost on the way home, go figure. Haha ( Kenzie and Trey fidgeting in the backround with a camera )
Oh we were young'ns. Also on the way to Youth Conference, but you know we had to eat some Chick-fil-a before getting our prasie on!
Hahahaha, enough said. Oh and notice the little girl at the bottom of the picture, we all found this hilarious.
Oh my gosh it's Hannah Montana ! Side note : Kelsi later purchased this wig, and still has it to this day (:
First picture of all of us together. Our teeth were pink from cupcakes!
Much more recent, Strong Tower this year. June 2010. Kelsi's tan is flawless.
About to go Ice Skating last year. Oh what an experiance that was!
Yeah, we thought we were beasting at the old school video game, it was actually on demo. FAIL.
I love you guys !


  1. Hahaha! Oh good god almighty. This is so nostalgic and cute, yet horrible and embarrassing. These pictures are great! I love you, miss! & I'm so thankful for our friendship.

  2. Hahaha aren't they?! Gosh I just laugh to myself everytime I see them. They are a bit embarrassing, but hey, we were like young an naive so whatevvvsss. (;
    I am greatful for it too ( Obviously , or else I wouldn't have made this blog! ) Haha
    Love you!