Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Can you feel the breezes of Fall beginning to stir?

My favorite season is Autumn, and it is approaching quickly.
Leaves are falling and so is the temperature, thank God.
Marching band makes you despise the hot weather of North Carolina.
I think I love Fall because it's warm enough to wear flip flops, but cold enough for hot cocoa.
Also I can wear corteroy ( sp? ) skirts such as the one pictured above.
I have had said skirt for about two years but am just now able to fit it.
Super exciting.
Oh and another plus of the weather change is Lattes.
Lattes are my absolute favorite things to drink during the chilly weather.
Well hope you all love Autumn as much as I do.
Friday night football games, the smell of bonfires, hay rides, roasting marshmellows, bundling up with buddies to keep warm, and Ugg boots; here I come!

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