Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Life list number one.

1. "goal" is just a word for people who are too afraid to dream. - i just created that.
2. morgan says that i need to liven up my blog
3. i took a picture with this handsome modelquin at Old Navy friday.

4. school is no fun right now. there's homework every night for every class, welcome to junior year.
5. i have an english paper due tomorrow. i'm nervous about it.
6. i just dropped a chunk of lollypop on my bed.
7. i wish guard didn't get in the way of me trying out for the school play. sorry rass.
8. i know you are probably thinking "jeez, she has no life" if you are reading this. but let me inform you that if you are taking time to read it, then you too my friend, have no life.
9. my youth rally is friday - saturday. come come comeeee (:
10. i'm singing.
11. i wish i had a boyfriend like mitchell davis. hmmm, yum.
12. i have been informed that this year's musical is Moby Dick. I offered to be the whale. -Really? Moby Dick? what on EARTH were you guys thinkin when you picked that? oh well, i'll still do it.
13. speaking of Moby Dick, I called a girl a whale today. well not out loud, in my mind. she like shoved me twice on the stairs, and that could lead to potentially falling down said stairs, which equals utter embarrassment on my part. not cool, whale, not cool.
14. i really love whales though. so technically that girl recieved a compliment from me.
15. ah who am i kidding, that was mean. i couldn't apologize though, that would be pointless. like explaining why the apology was necessary would probably not get me very far before getting punched in the face.
16. oh lanta, i'm rambling again.
17. oh well.
18. tomorrow i am wearing a weird little outfit with a giant headband. it's kind of embarrassingly awesome, if that makes sense. i'll probably be really naive about myself all day tomorrow because of it, but i am willing to do it anyways.
19. kenzie and kelsi always tell me to just rock it out and not care what other people say, they are so right. i am going to keep that in mind tomorrow. it's my own style, why should i let other people boss me around about it?
20. alright, i think twenty comments are sufficient for tonight. thanks for reading.

just kelsey.

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