Monday, September 20, 2010

Children Will Listen

That is the title of our Marching Band show this year. Colorguard has been such an experiance for me, through two weeks of intese training with Tracy, to going through two weeks of band camp, losing our instructors, losing 4 girls, gaining one, learning to trust my teammates, drama out each ear, and making memories that last a life time; stepping onto that field for Fall Preview made it seem like all of the above things had suddenly dissapeared. I love this sport so much and wouldn't trade any of my guard girls, or band friends for anything. Northwest Cabarrus High Marching Band 2010 !

You can't see the whole thing, but that is my uniform, it's oober cute.

Samantha just couldn't resist getting in the picture. "Proffessional creep, she is"

Bethany has yet to discover her true crazy face.

Katie after I tried to get a sneak attack picture of her. Drats, getting caught in the act is no fun!


  1. I love this blog, and I completely agree with everything you said! Nice sneak attack on Katie, proppps. & I love my face: YES, I AM A PRO CREEPER :)