Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oh happy day

I am just in a lovely mood. I have been for the past two days. I mean, sure the world is turning grey in some aspects, but who am I to let that bring me down? I am from now on living my life happily. I went to Northlake Mall today and purchased a cutsie little brown skirt. It's kind of odd though, so I don't have a shirt to wear with it yet, hence no picture of it. I tried a pink sweater with it, but mom and I agreed I looked like a grandmaw. No bueno, no bueno. Also, I think I want a camoflauge hat. My brother-in-law had one today and it sorta inspired me. And my amazing sister agreed to splitting the money with my aunts and get me the $198 cowboy boots that I want for Christmas. I know I know, it's extremely expensive, but so worth it. I could wear them with so much. That's probably why I'm so excited for December, for the boots. I don't think I'm leaving North Carolina anytime soon, so I might as well embrace my inner southern charm. Church is tomorrow, I'm super excited. Tomorrow afternoon we are having a church family picnik. If the weather is anything close to what is was today then it shall be perfect. I think it's about time to trade in my flippy flops for my Ugg boots. I just love fall weather. It's my favorite season you know. I mean, there's band, you can wear super comfy boots, the leaves are all pretty, and it's not super hot and icky outside, yet not freezing. Adios summer, see you in 2011. I think I'm going to go to some thrift stores and Goodwill soon. I suppose I could find just as much there as I could at some expensive mall.

Until tomorrow you lovely followers,

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