Saturday, August 28, 2010

All I can do is keep breathing.

*It has come to my attention that as a frequent blogger I get around zero comments. It is very upsetting you know? Putting all this effort into speaking up about my feelings, how my day goes, so on and so forth. People ask me all the time "how was your day?" I tell them sometimes, but see I tell everyone exactly how my day went on here, and nobody comments. Thus, proving to myself that no one really cares about how my day went. I must be boring or something.
Moving on now.
*Youth Explosion is September 10th-11th, that's super exciting for me. I am inviting anyone and everyone who wants to come. I am praying for a giant revival. It's time for the new generation to take their stand in this crazy world. I've already got one girl coming, my good good friend Maddie. It makes like, my life when someone wants to come with me to church.
On to the next subject of matter
*Today I had a band practice from 9am-4pm. Guard just cleaned work the entire time, it felt really really good though. To feel confident in your work makes it so much easier to perform. *Speaking of performing, out first game with half time show was last night. I cannot even explain how absolutely wonderful it felt to march onto that field infront of hundreds of people, hearing your name being cheered, your friends with giant grins on their faces, finding your dad in the audience, and having nothing to lose but your mind in the madness going on around you. Trust I was extremely nervous before the game, but it all just seemed to dissapear. I think performing is amazing. That's just the end of the story.
*Hmmm tomorrow is church, that's always pleasant. I am planning on doing my hair in some glorious manner which I am yet to be aware of. We shall see how that goes. Mehhhhh.
*My mind is going crazy right now. I hate when that happens, like when you think of one thing and it just build and builds and builds.
*I think the human mind can hold more than any other thing on earth.
*I miss Tracy Mossholder. She is the only instructor that has managed to hold our guard together. And now she is gone. Great.
*I saw Chessa Metz the other day after school at the band room. I love that girl. We always find something to talk about wether it be Andrew Singleton taking her to prom, or my hair being used as an identification item if I were to be a mangled disaster in a school bus accident. That is why we have assigned seats, boys and girls.
*I am currently listenig to Megan Mccauley. She is a nice little addition to my grooveshark playlist. Some of her songs are like, violent though. Oh well, I'm sure I will have a day to listen to it when I am in full rage or something.
*I really don't listen to angry music. I mostly listen to slow soft music when I'm upset. It either calms me or over-calms me which causes me to go into a big ball of emotion. IE: Cry like a 4 year old who didn't get a toy in her Happy Meal.
*I don't really know why I'm using astriks. However you spell that. It's the
little * thing if you don't know the correct term.
*I need to pick an church for an outfit. I mean an outfit for church. -Yes, that tired.
*I am getting way to buff for my liking from guard. Like you know those neck muscles guys get? Well they do not look good on girls. I hope I do not get those They are more defined though, ugghhh. Go away, go away you ugly muscle!
* I feel like I should use the bold, italics, and fonts size changes on more of my words. Everytime I try it always looks bad though. I just like my blog to be simple I guess.
*So my sister warned me about an outbreak of bed bugs today in Charlotte. This is not lie children, bed bugs do indeed exsisit. Supposedly they like to hide in your sheets. So change them frequently. I'm guess like every week is good? I am not so sure though.
*Sorry for the rambling. But hey this is my blog and I will ramble if and whenever I desire!
*Kelsey will ramble on her blog if and only if others comment on it. -Haha, whipped out the old geometry talk.
*If you are still reading this then you're the bomb diggity. Just sayin.
*If you read half of this, gave up, then came back to it then you can just suck it.
*My mom told me to to say that because it doesn't sound very nice. I just cannot contain myself though. It's like my favorite saying ever. Is that so bad? (Okay, don't answer that)
*I extremely dislike the entire male population. Just throwin that out there.
*I'm going to go now.



  1. I read the whole thing.. I must be the bomb diggity :) I'm bringing some friends to the youth thing too, I do believe - Woo!

    & About getting comments, I don't get much either but I've noticed it helps to space it out and add pictures so people who aren't big readers aren't overwhelmed by the amount of writing.

    Love you! & I enjoy your blog posts :)

  2. You are, you are indeed! Whoop whoop, I think me, you, and taylor are all bringing people then. That's all I know of then.

    And Hmm, that does make good sense. (Not as much sense as that sentence though ha) Thanks thanks.

    Appreciate it love! (:

  3. I really liked this! I read it over the course of a couple days so I can't exactly remember what I wanted to say. I like your blog a lot though and I always try to comment on what I read because I know the effort required to write. Thanks!

    P.S. Excited to have musical theatre with you next semester!

  4. Awh thanks (: And Yeah, it does take effort, I probably take more time with blogger than I do homework! Haha.

    P.S.S. Also super excited to have musical theatre with you!