Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Haven't blogged in a good while. So here goes nothing.

Today was another glorious day of band camp. Yes, in fact, I do love practicing outside in 100 degree weather from 8am - 12 pm. That's what I would usually say after a long day at NCHS, buttttt today was different. I still enjoyed it, don't get me wrong, but Bogan had a change of plans. For the better of course. He said that it was supposed to be getting too hot for us to stay out today, so we go a little treat and went inside at 11 instead of 12. How lovely ! We stayed in for the reaminder of the day. Oh and we go free smoothies from Smoothie King! Strawberry Banana with protein. YUM O !

Oh random thought, but the song " 9 Crimes" Is officially the most beauiful thing I've ever heard go through my ears. It's by Damien Rice. The video is especially beauiful and made me cry.

It's kind of odd to look at and immediately get, so here's a little break down; it seems like the man cheated, so she left only half of a person, finding herself thinking about him even when he hurt her. When he realized he was wrong, he went searching for her, but he was afraid he'd loose her and he was afraid she'd "float away just like a balloon" (so to speak), but once he finally had her, an accident occured and he was shattered inside just like her head in the video.
Hope that helped you further enjoy the song!

Da da da da daaaa.

My parents are leaving for the beach tomorrow morning. WHOOPIE. I've decided to be a rebel and attempt to throw a party. Caitlyn Hanna is my assistant party planner. Let's see how this goes. Patty and Caitlyn are picking me up tomorrow - friday, para band camp. Exciting, I know. Oh and Rheena is making me brownies for my "birthday week" at camp :D Gotta love my guard members.

Have a fantastic night and even better tomorrow my followers!


  1. i like that song. have a good party this weekend! & happy early birthday! it's tomorrow, right?[:

  2. hahah you were right good songg (:
    and nequia sister no its not tomrw, it's thursday, but she'd glady appreciate it if you tell her happy birthday tomrw at church and what not (:


    i've herd this song beforee ! i really don't know where i just did.
    but still great song (:

  4. I think so too Jereyy!

    And thank you kindly, morgan is right though it is tomorrow. But it's okay, it's the thought that counts : D

    Morgan: Yes dear, I told you it was amazinggg. And I'm not at church right now. :p