Saturday, August 7, 2010

pish posh

1. It's been an extremely long week
2. I am in severe need of a shopping day.
3. Church is tomorrow, I haven't been in three services.
4. I wish my dad wasn't sick in the hospital.
5. My family doesn't support the thing that I love to do most.
6. My phone never rings anymore.
7. I absolutely love The Nanny
8. My Sweet 16 willl be spent at band camp next week.
9. Thursday to be exact.
10. My parents are leaving Tuesday and not coming back until Friday.
11. I'm thinking about throwing a party.
12. I want to attempt being a rebel.
13. Band Camp is suprisingly the best thing that's happened to me all summer.
14. Coffee is on my brain.
15. I beat Guitar Hero 5 today, it only took me three days. Beast.
16. I don't really know why I'm making a list.
17. I wish my hair was curly.
18. Life is dull right now.
19. I'm running out of things to list.
20. I need a life, now.

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