Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Little ole me, a Junior (:

Today was my first day of Junior year. Only two more years of high school then I am doneee! My schedule is

1st. Medical Science 1 -Mrs. Wiggins. - I just love her.
2nd. Spanish III (yes III)- Mrs. McCrossen
3rd. Algebra II-Mrs. Bell (formerly miss. starnes. )
Third lunch w/ Ramsey, Leah, Samantha, Kiersten, Destiny, Haleigh, and Maddie.
4th-Honors English III-Mrs. Mckinney.

Here's how today went down;
6am, my alarm clock goes off. I thought last night that I would be excited like I normally am, but it was harder to wake up this time for some reason. I waltzed to my bathroom, thrilled by then, and did my hair. Just left it down today, nothing special. I wore a super cute outfit though, that I will also be wearing to church tonight
. This is a dreadful picture of me, but it's all for the outfit!
Floral sweater-$8 from Rue21, Tank: $12 from Kohls, Blue Cotton Skirt: $5 American Eagle. What a bargain! Anyways, for breakfast I ate a lovely blueberry muffin, my favorite of the muffin family. The giant yellow twinkie came and picked me up at 6:30. I hate that I still ride the bus. Here I am 16 years of age, with not even a permit. I could easily go get it if desired, but you see, I've failed the written test twice. Embarrassing, I know. This leads me to be kind of nervous to go again. But I must! I arrived at the school around 6:50. Meeting with Krysta, Sarah Ensley, and Samantha. Love them all. We walked around to veiw all of our classes just to get a jist of where everything was. Luckily I knew exactly where all my classes were. I have a very rowdy bunch of kiddos in my first period. All the popular girls, oh boy. None of them really like me, so that is going to be an experiance. Hopefully I can make amends with them and we can all become good friends-yeah right. Oh well, I love the class and I have a couple good friends in there. Leah, Sarah, Morgan, Lisa, and Destiny. Nice nice nice. Second period blew my mind. Mrs. McCrossen talks in spanish like the entire time. But you know the weird thing? I actually understand it! I find it absolutely amazing. I love speaking in Spanish, now I guess I know how mexicans feel. ( no offense towards mexicans, of course. ) Third period rolled around and I have it with Maddie, Haleigh, Samantha, and some other familiar faces. We had work to do like right off the bat! Thanks so much Algebra II. We had homework tonight and have a pop quiz tomorrow. Gee I love math. Lunch came around and some faggots threw gum at me, Ramsey, and Kiersten. And by gum I mean it was chewed. Hate high school cafeterias. We finished eating and went back for like 30 more minutes of hell with Mrs. Bell. Haha, that rhymed. Fourth period finally came and it was time for good old honors english III. Yippie! I actually don't mind English, minus all the writting. It gives my fingers calluses. They hurt. Mrs. Mckinney is a character; funny at most times, but when she isn't it's like talking with the undead. LIFELESS. Oh the many kinds of teachers at Northwest Cabarrus. Gotta love 'em. Well, most of them. After fourth finally ended we went back to the bus lot to head home. My ride is only about 30 minutes long. That's way longer than it was last year but shorter than it had been before. All in all I had a pretty fantastic day at school. Tomorrow will be a whole nother adventure, including Meet Me At The Poll in the AM, and ending with a three hour practice for band. How joyous. Until tomorrow my loves, oh and so sorry for the length of this blog.


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