Sunday, June 20, 2010

This One Time At Church Camp...

This week was all about one thing, Strong Tower Youth Camp!
It started off with a nice 3 hour ride there. We stopped at Denny's for lunch where a tree fell over during a terrifying storm. It landed right on the edge of a hill, where it could've rolled over and hit our church van. It was a close call, but the bus survived.

When we got there we found out the the girls all had air conditioning in their dorms, while the guys sadly did not. Oh well. Services were absolutely amazing. I loved each and everyone message. Favorite one? Well I'd say the morning message of "The Others" By PASTOR MARTIN! (Haha, Kenzie Carson). We had a christian rock concert where Andy Ferguson performed, I really didn't enjoy because it was blaring the whole time, that but it's whatever. I got a pickle and heard Kenzie go through puperty while trying to say "Paul." Haha. We went on many photograhpy adventures with our wonderful photographer, Caleb Hogg.
John the deer had a blast too. He went everywhere with us. Love him. Oh, and he even got the Holy Ghost while he was there. On the back of Nate's truck. Thank you Jesus.

Knowing us, we got not one bit of sleep. Matress surfing in the hallways, having midnight curfew, eating and eating and eating, having late night talks, and managing to fit 4 very tired girls on one very tiny matress. We met a few new people, some stalkers, other a bit over friendly. But all nice for the most part. Everyone looked absloutely adorable every service, before and afterwards we would all take pictures around the campus.

Clearly, we loved ourselves.

Through all the comotion of hairspray, ironing, getting ready, and a tiny bit of drama. Strong Tower was just fantastic. I would love to go back and do it all over again.


    You need to blog about your
    cute little nephew, you aunt.

  2. Haha, I did I did (:
    Last night oodly enough. While I was watching him sleep <3
    Absolutely adore him.
    Pictures are coming soon too!