Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2:32 AM

So this is what babysitting a 2 week old baby does to you-
Sleep deprivation.
I've been watching Mr.Cole Parker since 12 while my sister is sleeping.
I would start off by singing to him. He looked like he enjoyed it, I mean he smiled at me while his eyes were closed. How sweet. Anyways,
He would spit his binkie out, convincing me that he was soundly asleep in my arms. So I would lay him in his crib. Moments later he was begin to whimper and cry, letting me know that I was fooled. This happened periodically until about 1:30. He fell asleep again, so I just layed him in my lap safe and sound. Then I felt an uncomfortable feeling on my leg. He had tooted, and peed. Lovely. Luckily it did not go through his diaper. It was about time for him to be fed anyways, so I went ahead and put him in his crib to change him. My sister has come into the picture now after a luxurious 2 hour nap, and is feeding him. I hope he gets enough food to put him right to sleep, otherwise guess who has to stay up with him? Me.

Wish me luck,

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