Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today I had a dentist appointment at 11am. Usually I hate going to the dentist, they always give me bad news. For instance, cavaties, braces, wisdom teeth, etc. Anyways, the dentist I go to is Trinity Dental Care, in Concord. It's a nice facility, purple, which I like. My sister works at the dentist I go to part time. So when I walked in I was immediately bombarded with co-workers asking about the baby. I pulled out my phone and shared pictures with them. They're so nice. I was called in to go back, and Hilary and a fill-in were there awaiting me. They complimented on my hair. I had just put it up in a sloppy bun. The girl that was filling in for Shanise asked me if I liked plays. I replied with an enthusiastic YES, hoping she liked them too. I just love talking about theatre. We rambled on a bit about Mary Poppins, The Whiz, And Wicked. She told me that I looked like I should be on TV. I chuckled to myself and then pondered the though. What if that really happened? Woah. I had a daydream right then as myself as the next Lucille Ball. Haha, imagine; no more I Love Lucy, but I Love Kelsey instead. Hilarious, I thought. Haven came in for my cleaning. I knew she was in the room because she busted in saying "Hi Aunt Kelsey!" And gave me a hug. I love her. After the cleaning was done Dr. Jones came in to examine my gums and such. She is such a sweetheart. Everyone told me as I left to tell me sister hello and that they were going to stop by and give her and Cole Parker some presents. I love when dentists feel more like friends than doctors.