Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh life is a grand and a beautiful thing.

So while I was at Strong Tower youth camp, my sister called me telling me that she was going into labor. My first reaction? Crying, of course. I'm a huge ball of emotion when it comes to any and everything. I then realized that maybe it would be a blessing in disguise, I didn't have so sleep in the hospital overnight and I didn't have to see my sister in pain. Great deal maybe. Well I came home at around 11 Saturday, get home and mom says she's ready to leave. I was exited to meet the new addition, so I didn't mind. We pulled up to the hospital at around 11:30, I found out that he was in the NICU. ( Neonatal intensive care unit). He was all surrounded in cords and such, pitiful. He was beautiful though. 6lbs, 14ozs, 20 and 1/4 inches long. I got to hold him before both my mom and dad, which made me feel honored. I loved him from the start. The next day we came back and he had gotten all the wires detached. I was so excited. And he got to move into the room with my sister and brother-in-law. There were bright faces all around. Today he got to come home finally. He is now sleeping in my mom's arms (Gigi is her name to him) while my sister and her husband catch up on their sleep. He wet himself and were about to change him but don't want him to cry. Wish that wouldn't happen, but it will. I can't upload pictures quite yet because I'm on my sister's Mac, but they will be up tomorrow. He is just a little bundle of joy given to us from God. Love him so much.

Goodnight bloggers,
Kelsey ( Aunt Keke )

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