Thursday, October 14, 2010

You came to my rescue

& I wanna be where you are.

So this is my schedule for this weekend..
1. school at 7:15
2. go home at 2:15
3. get showered, eat, grab sleeping bag, pillow, guard supplies for the football game that night
4. go back to school at 6
5. football game at 7:15
6. go back to band room at around 10
7. sleeeeeeep until 2:45am
8. wake up and leave for WCU at 3am
9. perform at WCU at 9:30
10. go through lunch, finals, and dinner
11. all getting back to the school at 3am the NEXT MORNING
12. oh and then I have church.


Marching band has officially consumed my entires life. Well, until Nov. 6, which is my last competition. I doublt you guys want to read about this, but I have nothing to talk about but Marching Band. I apologize for being such a sucky blogger. But if you are interested in following a not sucky, but totally rockin' blog you should check out this girl. Don't be shy now, follow her (:

I am going to do my 7 tons of homework now. I will blog with some pictures hopefully later tonight. Until then,


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