Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hello Strangers

It has been ages since I've blogged. Time is such a gift right now and whenever I get it, I sleep. Band has completely consumed my life. I don't mind though, I love it to death. Recently in my life I have
*made my first successful batch of cupcakes
*watched all new episodes of glee
*decked out in camo for "Real Tree Tuesday" of spirit week
*purchased pink and black checkered suspenders for Wacky Wednesday tomorrow
*voted for homecoming queen and king
*recieved not 1, not 2, but 5 bruises from my box in colorguard
*added a plethora of new music to my grooveshark
*cried 2 nights in a row
*traveled to Rock Hill, SC
*developed a crush, and a big one might i add
* annnddd signed up & also taking the PSAT tomorrow

As you can see, I am a very busy girl. Sorry for not blogging.
I will post more after this crazy weekend!

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