Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Embarrassment is my best friend

Today is Wednesday. This means church, I like church. At school today I wore a cute little brown dress, with hot pin undershirt and brown tights with gold flats. I planned to wear it to church tonight. Everything was peachy until 2nd period. I went to move to another desk in order to work with my partner. This is in Spanish III by the way. Anyway, I started walking when I realized that it was really tight at my ankles. Guess what had happened? My slip has FALLEN DOWN! How embarrassing? I quickly grabbed my slip and asked to go to the restroom to fix it. I think the tights that I had on were too slick for the slips liking. I took the tight off regretfully. My legs froze for the rest of the day, but I was not going to risk that happening again! I was going to post a picture, but am already changed into my pj's. Laziness is a bad bad character trait. Ha.

Until the next time bloggers,


  1. HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHHAHAH that just made my day (:

  2. Mehh. It would make your day you punk. Hahaha (: