Sunday, October 17, 2010

Let's get rich

and buy everybody nice sweaters and teach them how to dance.

This weekend was the craziest, but most exciting weekend in my entire life.
I left for Western Carolina University at 3am on Saturday morning after sleeping on the library floor. Slept all the way to Cullowhee were we stopped for breakfast at Bo"hangles"and I bought some lovely bo-biscuits. We arrived at the beautiful campus at 8:30, when it was 36 degrees outside. My phalanges felt like they were tiny grapes about to explode. Disgusting, yes. Painful? absolutely. After we performed, which wasn't our best performance might I add, we left to get pictures. Also we went to eat lunch in the cutest little town ever. On the way there Samantha and took a montage of photos. The food was alright, not worth the 15 dollars we were charged, but the memories were much worth it. We did not make finals at Western, but we did get 6th out of 13th. Pretty great if you ask me.

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